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Retailers and networks are regularly feeding us with information about new handsets and the latest mobile phone deals currently on offer, so finding the best one for you can be difficult. Do you go for the latest mobile phones on a contract, buy a more affordable pay as you go phone, or keep your existing handset and go for a sim only deal?

Here, we will guide you through this process to find your perfect contract mobile phone deal.


Switching providers will get you the best deal

When your mobile phone contract comes to an end, the easiest option for most is to accept the enticing upgrade offered to you by your existing provider. However it’s not always the best or cheapest option.

Consumers are now wise to companies that offer new customers better deals than their existing ones. And it’s no different in the mobile phone business. Comparing mobile phone deals and then switching providers will always ensure that you receive the best contract.


If I switch networks, can I keep my mobile phone number?

Yes you can and it’s much easier than your existing network would have you believe. All you need is the PAC code (porting authorisation code) from your current network. After contacting them with your request, you will receive the PAC code within two days. At this point, you can then contact your new network, who will transfer your number across.

Generally, it will take a few days for your old number to be transferred to your new network, however in some cases it can take up to two weeks. This is unusual however and in the meantime you will have a temporary number to use.


Contract Mobile Phones

There are a number of benefits to buying contract mobile phones, including the low price of the handset. With most contract offers these days, the handset is included for free as the networks subsidise its cost by using the long-term contract to recover its cost.

If you want to get the best mobile phone deals, then these usually come with longer-term contracts. As identified earlier, being locked into that network for longer allows the networks to reduce the handset’s cost considerably making it easier for them to recoup its cost and cheaper for you upfront.

If you are looking for a free handset, you may want to consider cheap contract phones over buying Pay As You Go or SIM Only.

One other major benefit of contract phones are the large number of minutes, texts and data that the mobile phone networks bundle into the deal. If you can keep your usage within the agreed limits, then you’ll only pay for your monthly line rental.


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